What is a “Trusted Party”? If an event removed you from normal daily life, i.e. a serious disability or death, you would want another person to step in to help or take over financial responsibilities. This is often handled through a Will or Trust; it may be pre-planned or not, and is often a family member or Executor or Trustee. Heir Atlas has no role in creating these roles, while our clients certainly do.

That level of responsibility requires information; where the bank account is held, whether or not there is Life or Long-Term-Care Insurance, if the employer has provided medical coverage, etc. We have found that spouses/partners rarely have everything at their fingertips.

The “Trusted Party” provides a method of transfer from our vault to the intended. Why might there be more than one Trusted Party? Our client is interested in ensuring that if someone cannot be reached or becomes reluctant at time of stress, another is available to fill in.

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