Do Not Assume it’s only useful for those, once you’ve passed on!

Start a list of “assets”.  Assets are any physical item, account, policy, etc. that has value to either you and/or outsiders.  If an asset has “beneficiaries”, ensure that the beneficiary(s) listed is up to date.

Ensure that any list is known to others.  A list is useless if something happens to you, and no one knows how to help or where to look.

Ensure that, even if known, a list is accessible. A password-protected list, without a password, is not helpful.

When an asset (e.g. a Long-Term Care policy) is added to the portfolio, others are aware, and annually, refreshed with that knowledge or replaced.  People forget, and those that were trusted with the information might no longer be available for that position.

For any asset (notably Life Insurance and Long-Term Care policies) that requires premium payments, ensure third-party notifications are set up with the insurance carrier for those policies. If you forget to pay, there should be a knock on your door from those you trust to ensure your welfare. We don’t want to lose those policies, right?

Do Not list account numbers when placing your information in any location that might be accessed by ne’er-do-wells.

If you believe that a more all-encompassing medium, including account numbers and values, is your preference, here is a list of sites you might consider:

We’ll add as we find them…


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