Why Have Heir Atlas

Our mission is to eliminate the loss of assets and unclaimed benefits intended for you and your loved ones.

Heir Atlas was created in 2011 by a group of financial professionals who had both personal and professional experience with asset disappearance. The problem was (and is) that people make assumptions about their financial well-being.

People assume their significant other or care-giver knows (or will) where to look for accounts, policies, benefits, and more, if and when the time comes. They assume that, if there is a reason to make a claim on an insurance policy, it will happen automatically. They assume their attorney or agent or someone will be there to help. Not so.

We are the solution to the flaws inherent in conventional methods: the shoe box, the spreadsheet, the loose files and assumptions of knowledge.

Does your family know where everything is? Would they know whom to call?

Are you aware of the ~$32 billion of unclaimed assets in the United States*? Are you aware of the recent ~$500 million settlement between 34 states and some Life Insurance companies**? Have you experienced lost or forgotten bank or investment accounts? Has your family experienced “evaporating” insurance policies? We have a better system.

Heir Atlas is a service organization. We are concerned about your financial well-being while you live, and equally concerned about your estate. We see the need to ensure that all you’ve worked for gets to where it’s intended.

We help you gather and regularly update all of your information. We prepare you for any eventuality.

Heir Atlas does not sell data, and does not allow advertising on or through its site.