What is Heir Atlas

This is what Heir Atlas allows you to do!

Organize your estate.

Heir Atlas begins with organizing your finances, banking, insurance, health insurance, health care proxy, and other vital personal and financial information. Input the insurance, bank, investment, and any other financial or personal information you want to register. You decide the level of detail.

Choose your Trusted Contacts.

We will ask you to provide the contact information of your Trusted Persons; at least one individual but as many more as you wish.

Should the Heir Atlas process be triggered, the key information you maintain about your property, health, insurance and vital aspects of your life will be communicated to them immediately.

Choose the timing of your reminders.

As your life dynamically evolves, so can your estate decisions on Heir Atlas.

Change, add or re-direct your trusted advisors, your investment houses, your health care proxy, your Will, your attorney, your bank accounts and more as often as you need.

Although you may make changes at any time, our quarterly, semi-annual or annual reminders are designed to help and encourage you to keep all of your estate intentions current and updated.

Provide your billing information: key to the Heir Atlas alert system.

Heir Atlas will charge a nominal fee each month. We have designed billing as a possible trigger that activates an alert process if automatic payments stop. Then the Heir Atlas communication chain goes into action:

– We try to reach you three times.

– If we are unsuccessful, we reach out to your Trusted Network.

– We will continue our efforts until we receive a response.